Connect with ARI and AFARI

AFARI has updated its communication systems, so it has one address

2028 E Ben White Blvd   –  Suite 240-9000
Austin TX 78741,   USA      (989) 262-0262     email:

Facebook Pages – These are some of the way that you can keep connected with ARI

 AFARI – American Friends of Asian Rural Institute  (Facebook (NGO) Page)

This is the page where AFARI will be posting our News & Announcement to get maximum exposure.

 AFARI (North) American Friends of Asian Rural Institute   (Facebook Closed Group)

This group is to post discussions & information relating to AFARI and its support of ARI.
As an closed group, these post will be visible to members and non-members but only members can post.

 ARI community   (Asian rural institute at Tochigi Japan)   (Facebook Closed Group)

ARI community members. Past and present Participants, Volunteers, Staff may join this group.
Let’s keep in touch!!   Another great example how we can live together (even after ARI)
Please share news, stories, pictures and videos in this group to keep us updated about YOU!

Asian Rural Institute   (Facebook Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Page)

Official Facebook Page of Asian Rural Institute (ARI).  Check this out to learn about recent events at ARI as well as basic information.
People need to “Like” this page if you want news to come up in your FB newsfeed.