Take My Hand – Winter 2019

Take My Hand – Winter 2018-19

In Memory of Toshihiro Takami
September 30, 1926 – September 6, 2018
Celebrating the extraordinary life and impact of Rev. Dr. Toshihiro Takami, we have gathered a selection of memories of those who knew the founder and spiritual leader of ARI.

in this issue
page 2 - Blessing born out of Hardship — Toshihiro Takami’s Life
page 4-8 - Encounters with Takami:
                   Hajime Kikuchi,   Kiyoshi Nagashima,    JB Hoover,
                   Debora Sinaga,   Bernard Timothy Appau,   Lakshman Perera,
                   Kaori Sakuma-Vero,   Eimert van Herwijnen
page 9 -    Perspectives from the Memorial Service
page 10 -  By Sharing Life, We Live
page 12 -  A Better Tomorrow

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