ARI Collaboration with TCU

Due to the work that ARI has begun in peace and reconciliation, Texas Christian University (TCU) awarded ARI its 2019 Global Innovator Award. The award partners ARI and TCU faculty, staff, and students in a long-term collaboration to address critical global issues.

The focus of the programming is on how to develop peace and reconciliation within ARI’s curriculum. One of the initiatives that has already begun on campus are peace and reconciliation workshops, conducted in 2019 by two professors from Kumamoto University and Osaka Women’s College. These workshops focused on peace in a broader sense as well as individual opinions about what peace at ARI looks like. Art and storytelling were shared as tools for peace building and reconciling differences. Through these community-wide workshops, community members were able to have open discussions about peace and share ideas on how to get closer to the ideal vision of peace at ARI.

from TMH Winter 2020, page 5

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