Calling All Volunteers, Intern & Working Visitors!

Have you ever been to ARI as a Volunteer, Intern or Working Visitor? If so we would love to hear from you!  We really want to know about your origin story and time at ARI.  Please take a moment and write a quick note to Caitlin at, and make sure to include the following:

  • When you were at ARI
  • How you came to be at ARI
  • How long you were at ARI
  • What work you did at ARI
  • Special memory or experience you had at ARI
    Even if you were just at ARI for a day, we would still love to hear from you.

Free Gift for those who Participate!

For all of those who reply, I will send you a copy of The Heartbeat of Takami. which is a wonderful book of Takami Sensei’s words along with some photos of Takami Sensei at ARI.  I love this book and I know you will too!