Kenya Vision Tour 19

Reflection on AFARI Safari

Earlier in 2019, AFARI led its first “Safari” to Kenya where trip participants visited sending organizations and ARI graduates in the Mt. Kenya East region before meeting in Nairobi with more ARI graduates and representatives of potential sending organizations. Bev Abma and Tomoko Arakawa lead the tour.

Reflections of travelers included:    “I participated in a discussion group on organic farming as I knew nothing about it. Boy did I learn! My most significant take away was about climate change and how its impact on the growing seasons was affecting what they did. No questioning whether it existed or not – just struggling with how to deal with it. Other groups discussed potential opportunities for networking and female genital mutilation, the latter a tough but very necessary topic to address.

At a meeting with a potential sending body, what I enjoyed the most was Tomoko’s presentation on ARI. I had spent days with her and had seen her interact with graduates but here she definitely was in her ARI director mode and it was fascinating. She is so knowledgeable, articulate, and enthusiastic.”