ARI needs and welcomes volunteers!
You are invited to help change the world by being part of a community doing sustainable organic farming and leadership training.  You can help in many ways  such as in farming, cooking, administrative office work, the library, helping participants improve their English speaking skills, and possibly teaching.  It will depend on your gifts, your willingness to learn,  your openness to other cultures, and our needs.

English (and your heart) along with a good sense of humor are often how we communicate with each other at ARI. There are short term and long term volunteer positions available. At ARI, participants from Japan,  Southeast Asia, Africa, & South America will be working alongside you. It is often hard to determine who benefits most from being at ARI, so come experience ARI for yourself!

Rachel B’s story.

Volunteer Posts:

Please enjoy our  video “Volunteer Voices from ARI.” Long term Volunteers from Japan and the US talk about their impressions and what they have learned during their time at ARI. Of course, we receive volunteers from other countries, too! Click on the image below to watchVolunteer Voices from ARI.”