Make a difference

How can I support ARI?

Volunteer, visit, learn, listen and donate what you can.

ARI operates an organic farm where rural leaders from around the world (“participants”) deepen and share their knowledge of sustainable integrated agricultural practices. The training center’s farm provides 90% of the food for campus life as well as products sold to raise funds for the program. The cost of the ARI training program experience is nearly $18,000 per participant, which covers room and board on campus, classes, guest speakers and field studies. All overseas participants receive scholarships to cover these expenses. AFARI assists ARI in raising the funds to support the 25 – 30 participants each year.

Why does it matter?

ARI invites 24-30 trusted, experienced leaders from rural communities in developing countries across the world to join their nine month training program each year. ARI recruitment looks for open-minded people who deeply care about improving the lives of those around them. These rural leaders inspire others and strive to build connections and community; they have high morals, love peace and justice, and they base their work in a bigger vision that gives them the purpose to serve.

Most of the rural leaders work in communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific, but some come from Japan.

Support ARI

When you support ARI, you commit to community building, foodlife and servant leadership as the basis for environmental justice and sustainability around the world. You put your trust in our common good being nurtured from the grassroots.

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