Dr.Joseph O
Dr. Joseph Ozawa — ARI experience ’09 – ‘19: Having been a volunteer at ARI, almost annually since 2009, I have been through the trials and …
Rachel B
Two years later, US volunteer reflects on her time at ARI Rachel Buller, 2011-2013 Volunteer, Brethren Volunteer Service   I grew up in Georgia in an …

Graduate Posts

Mambud’s Football gardens

German Filmmakers and ARI supporters completed a new film featuring ARI Graduate Mambud. This wonderful film (17:39), highlights the work of Mambud (2018) in the creation of Sustainable Learning Gardens in combination with the promotion of Sierra Leone’s One Legged… Read More Mambud’s Football gardens
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Grad to ARI Staff

2017 Fall Speaking Tour (from Take My Hand Spring 2018) For the tenth time in twenty days of the 2017 Fall Speaking Tour, Acivo Rhakho told her story: Nagaland, India (her childhood home) was a rigid patriarchy, where most held… Read More Grad to ARI Staff
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Faith At ARI

There is an idiom from Lao-tzu: “Those who understand others are clever, but those who know themselves are truly wise”. However, I also believe that by interacting with others and understanding differences, we can see a reflection of our own… Read More Faith At ARI
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Voice of Irfana – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – Mohamed Nawsath Irfana Begam Irfana works with her sending body WODEPT (Women Organization for Development, Equality, Peace and Temperance) in Puttalam, Sri Lanka to empower women through programs to promote gender balance and respect for human rights.… Read More Voice of Irfana – Sri Lanka
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Connecting Businesses, Schools and NGOs in Thailand

Chomchuan Boonrahong, 1988 Graduate ISAC (Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Community) At  ARI, Chomchuan became strongly interested in organic agriculture. During his summer short-term study, he went to stay at an organic farmer’s place, Mr. Kaneko, together with his classmate. He… Read More Connecting Businesses, Schools and NGOs in Thailand
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Memories – ARI Wedding

It was so lovely for this couple ( Kenny Foodforest TpbolonSimajuntak ) who had fallen in love at Asian Rural Institute in Japan to marry while the Class of 2012 were still together after graduation. It was among the most… Read More Memories – ARI Wedding
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